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Cannabis Real Estate Services

Cannabeta Realty is currently licensed in NY, NJ, CT & MD, and we are constantly working to expand the scope of our services to meet the needs of the burgeoning east coast cannabis industry. Read on to learn more about some of our standard services, and don't hesitate to reach out with an out of the box question or request. 

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NY Dispensaries &
social establishments 

Cannabeta Realty is the premier full service brokerage and advisory firm for dispensaries looking to enter the NYC and surrounding markets.  We have compiled a proprietary listings database of hundreds of retail locations across the city where landlords will accept a dispensary use and pass our proximity checks  (200’ or more from a  house of worship and 500’ or more from a school). Leveraging our block-by-block intimate knowledge of neighborhood demographic trends, we help our clients identify the ideal locations for their retail strategies and then draw upon our multi-decades long relationships with the city’s top landlords to finalize the ideal deal structures for our clients. 


Cannabeta’s work doesn’t stop there. We work with our clients to make sure they maximize revenue in the pre-license phase of their business by drawing upon our unmatched experience in short term rentals and pop-ups to bring revenue to our clients pre-licensing, and bring an in-house production and community outreach team to help with the licensing process for each of our locations. We are New Yorkers through and through and we are here to help.



Cannabeta maintains a database of industrial properties in the NY, NJ & CT markets that make for ideal cultivation sites for growers of any size. We leverage our extensive experience as real estate developers to understand timing, power needs, cap-ex, utility connections, sustainability, local politics, zoning, and overall economics to help our clients find the ideal locations for their businesses. We can also help with financing, real estate partners, or forming partnerships with other cultivators for larger sites.

Real esate space for cannabis cultivation on the East Coast.
Shop owner outside a dispenary with opening hours posted.
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NJ dispensaries & social establishments

Cannabeta is up to date on all the latest laws and regulations affecting New Jersey for cannabis businesses, including monitoring each of the 564 townships for their opt-in or opt-out status. In assessing the best locations for our clients we look at layouts & floorplans, locations of other existing or planned dispensaries, car counts, foot traffic, demographics, nearby retailers, and a whole host of other factors.  We work closely with our clients to identify the best retail strategy for them across all markets in NJ and specialize in sourcing retail in urban, suburban, or rural areas or northern, central or southern NJ.


Other cannabis businesses 

We help our clients find real estate for cannabis lab testing, processing, manufacturing, greenhouses, farmland, medical dispensaries in underserved markets, Long Island and Upstate retail and any other real estate need related to cannabis. We are always excited to meet new clients in the industry, and discuss any project. 

Cannabis or Hemp leaves being craddled by two hands while being cultivated.
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